For the 7th time on 22 - 23 November 2017  
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TRANSLOG Connect Programme & Speakers

TRANSLOG Connect Congress 2017 will bring you an overview of the Central Eastern European market and the main trends and impacts on Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management.

For speaking opportunities please contact

Katy Säurich

Head of Production & Operations at TEG

Email: | Tel: + 36 1 219-5725


Keynote Presentation:

Will Innovations disrupt your Supply Chain?

• Logistics and Innovation a contradiction

• Supply Chain start-ups: hype or hybris?

• How to trigger and evaluate innovations

• Homo Logisticus or where do we find digital and logistics natives

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer

Head of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, Vienna University of Economics

Keynote Presentation:

“gKNi” Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators: The materialization of Big Data”

• “gKNi” stands for “Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators” and provides estimates for key economic figures.

• The presentation will demonstrate how Kuehne + Nagel is using technology to extract and process large amounts of data from the transportation of goods to monitor operations and anticipate the future, as well as to create new digital services.

• gKNi delivers early insights into the very recent past, the present and the very near future of economic development up to 55 days earlier than other estimates on trade related indicators.

• This innovative data product is an initiative of the company’s venture platform utilizing in-house developed technology to combine big data with data-mining, automation and predictive analytics.

• gKNi is an example of Kuehne + Nagel's digital evolution: Kuehne + Nagel's core competence, innovation mindset and market intelligence are key factors to develop pioneering digital products that bring additional value to its customers.

João Monteiro

Managing Director, LogIndex AG a subsidiary of Kuehne + Nagel

Case Study Presentation:

Customer Segmentation – How to adjust your strategy to the dramatically & very fast changing customer expectations?

• Post-apocalyptic world after e-Commerce revolution: Managing and meeting customer expectations

• Circular Economy, Bimodal Supply Chains and Crowd Sourcing: Challenge or Opportunity?

• Adjusting Logistics Strategies based on customer segmentation

• Last mile of the supply chain sitting at the heart of collaborative customer relationships

Gökhan Çakmak

Global Logistics Director, Oriflame Cosmetics

Case Study Presentation:

Closer to customer - Customer centricity & Customer centric procurement

• Customer centricity & Customer centric procurement

• How can procurement help its organizations to become customer-centric?

• Why procurement needs to transform itself to become customer-centric and how to understand the needs of customers?

• Is procurement ready for this shift from price centricity to customer centricity and what are the preconditions for this change?

Danijel Banek

Executive Director Central Purchasing, Atlantic Grupa

Case Study Presentation:

Supply chain customer management: segmentation based collaboration strategy

• Collaboration – does it really add value?

• Are you prepared to collaborate? Internal readiness check

• One size does not fit all – segmentation is fundamental

• Customer collaboration strategy and toolbox

Michał Naworski

Supply Chain Customers & Distribution Manager North Eastern Europe, Beiersdorf

Case Study Presentation:

The power of the 3PL - shipper relationship 

• The advantage of doing business with a third party logistics (3PL) provider, with global, and regional scale, and solutions

• People, process and technology as key factors for getting the most out of your logistics and supply chain

• Accelerating your advantage with managed spend, improved efficiency, managed risk and managed change

• Driving the industry forward by investing in the future challenges of the supply chain and logistics

Arkadiusz Glinka

Director of Transportation, Eastern Europe, C.H. Robinson



Applications should be submitted by the 3rd of October 2017 and will be assessed by our highly renowned jury.

Further information click here.


How to prepare the unique logistics set up to cover all customer demands?

• Quality, Speed and Price - Today’s customers demanding all 3 – How to respond?

• What is the best procurement value preposition for your organization?

• Strategic alliances to develop Omni-channel strategies

• Role of service provides to support Omni-channel logistics

• Mastering Returns Management – to Include Returns as Part of Distribution Strategy and “Not a compulsory Add-On”

Bogdan Gavaneci

Logistics Director, ALTEX Romania

Gábor Kiss

Head of Supply Chain, METRO

Bart Stegeman

Supply Chain Manager, Big Bang

Tomáš Hofer

Logistics Director, NOTINO


PRE-EVENT PROGRAMME | 21st November 2017

Excursion to the Bridgestone plant and warehouse in Tatabánya

Visitors of TRANSLOG 2017 will have the opportunity to get an inside look at the Bridgestone fully automated factory and warehouse in Tatabánya, one day prior to the event, on the 21st of November from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, limited for 50 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis.

TRANSFER: The bus will leave in front of the Corinthia Hotel on 21st of November at 12:00 noon and will return after the visit at approximately 5:00 pm.



POST-EVENT PROGRAMME | 23rd November 2017

Excursion to the Zwack Unicum distillery and cellar in Budapest

Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the old distillery and cellar of the world famous Hungarian Zwack Unicum - a liqueur distilled from over forty herbs from all over the world.

Furthermore the tour includes a short film about the history of the Zwack family and the distillery and offers a tasting opportunity on tap from one of the 500 casks in the cellar which extend over 2,500 square meters underneath the distillery.

The tour is limited for 30 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis on the 23rd of November from 4:30-6:00 pm.

TRANSFER: The bus will leave in front of the Corinthia Hotel on 23rd of November at 4:00 pm and will return after the visit at approximately 6:30 pm.



POST-EVENT PROGRAMME | 23rd November 2017

Excursion to the Dreher Breweries in Budapest

Visitors of TRANSLOG 2017 will also have the opportunity to get an inside look at Dreher Breweries. The 1,5 hours Brewery Tour includes an introduction about the history of beer and Dreher Breweries, a visit of the Museum, the Brew House, part of the fermentation building and the packaging and bottling department of the Brewery and finishes with a beer tasting opportunity.

The tour is limited for 30 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis on the 23rd of November from 5:00-6:30 pm.

Dreher Breweries is the subsidiary of one of the largest global beer company, Asahi Group Holdings Ltd and part of the Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd. Thanks to more than one and a half centuries of brewing experience, technological improvements, and excellent brands that satisfy a wide variety of consumer expectations, Dreher Breweries is one of the dominant players in the Hungarian beer market. The activities and administration of Dreher Breweries are characterized by the commitment to quality and environmental protection, also the key principles of transparency, fair market competition, and social responsibility, making it worthy of the name of the Hungarian brewing industry's founder. As a responsible company Dreher Breweries operates according to the principles of sustainable development. It was the first in the Hungarian beer industry to implement and integrate ISO 14001 with ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and HACCP food safety system. For the company, sustainable development, and therefore environmental protection and social responsibility are of key importance, which is why the company continuously makes improvements in these fields.

TRANSFER: The bus will leave in front of the Corinthia Hotel on 23rd of November at 4:15 pm and will return after the visit at approximately 7:00 pm.  


Supply Chain Customers & Distribution Manager North Eastern Europe, Beiersdorf
C.H. Robinson
Kuhne Nagel

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