For the 4th time on 25-26 November 2014  
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TRANSLOG Connect Programme & Speakers


Opening Keynote Presentation: Logistics Performance of CEE Countries within Europe – How Countries Compete through Logistics?

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer
  • Logistics master planning and logistics performance evaluation of countries (LPI)
  • Railway Transportation: Where are the bottlenecks? Flexibility needs to be further increased
  • Ports in Europe: DC developments & connections to ports; Future of the ports in the Black Sea & CEE
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer, Head of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Case Study Presentation: Export Control: How Secure is Your Supply Chain?

Rogier van Zon, TP Vision
  • Export bans
  • Global regulations
  • How to organise it within the company
  • RoI
Rogier van Zon, Head of Global Warehousing & Distribution, Export Control Officer, TP Vision 


Case Study Presentation: The Next Step in SCM: How Win-Win Collaboration with Suppliers and Customers Generate Company Value

Miguel Suarez
  • What is company value?
  • How does SCM contribute to corporate finance?
  • How can SCM build win-win relationships with customers and suppliers?
  • What are practical examples in different industries?
  • What are key success factors when using SCM as a cheaper and faster source of finance?
Bernard Lefevre, Head of CEEMEA Logistics Purchases, P&G


Case Study Presentation: Supplier Selection & Development – How to Become and Stay a Successful Supplier for an OEM?

Stefan Putzlocher


  • Strategy is key
  • Requirements and CEE mentalities
  • Creating a Win-Win position to start a long term cooperation Requirements and CEE mentalitiesStrategy is key


Stefan Putzlocher, Logistics Director, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary


Case Study Presentation: Tesco and Unilever Collaborative Approach

michael glancer Jim Dickson
  • Tesco CE customer strategy  and how Supply chain is an enabler 
  • Leading Edge and Innovation days to develop Industry collaboration
  • Tesco Unilever collaborative activity driving supply chain change
  • Where next for Tesco and Unilever in driving supply chain efficiency
    Michal Glacner, Customer Service Director CEE, Unilever
Jim Dickson, CE Supply Chain Development Manager, Tesco


Keynote Presentation: Logistics Trends – Myth or Reality

Chaim Huijsman
  • Sustainability - greening the Supply Chain
  • LLP/4PL – outsourcing management in the Supply Chain
  • B2C – shifting the Supply Chain
  • Lean – from a fire fighting mentality to process management in the Supply Chain
Chaim Huijsman, Head of Corporate Sales, Gebrüder Weiss


Client Case Study Presentation:  Challenges in the Last Mile of the Supply Chain - An Overview to the Latest In-store Solutions which Increase the Supply Chain Efficiency for Retailers & Producers while  Improving the Shopping Experience for Customers

Carlos Montalvo
  • Last Mile of the SC– what are the challenges of manufacturers and retailers to grow sales and decrease cost? - Increased product diversification, on-shelf availability problems, replenishment, stock keeping – how packaging management affects these areas
  • Last Mile Solution – how to improve sales performance through SC:  A solution which provide advantages to all parties in the SC; 4 types of retail ready packaging; RRP Trends in Europe; Survey results: Awareness about RRP pallet solutions; Display Ready Packaging; Display Pallet vs. Euro Pallet: Operation Analysis
  • Display Ready Packaging – Retailer’s point of view:  Improved on shelf availability, increased sales, reduced stockholding/inventory, improved flow of product, fast replenishment
  • Display Ready Packaging – Manufacturer’s point of view:  Promotional campaigns and display ready packaging, smaller SKUs
  • Display Ready Packaging – Shoppers’ point of view: Increased visibility, flexible shop design
  • A Case Study on Display Ready Packaging: Retailer or Manufacturer (NIVEA/Beiersdorf)
Carlos Montalvo, Director Last Mile Solutions, CHEP


Client Case Study Presentation: Win-Win Strategy Fulfilment through Optimisation Projects between LSP and their Customers

Lukasz Tomalik Grzegorz Mućko


  • How the optimisation projects influence relationship between Customer and LSP
  • The strategy and implementation methods
  • Challenges during optimisation projects
  • Gain-share mechanism in the business process


Łukasz Tomalik, Key Account Director, Raben Group

Grzegorz Mućko, Supply Chain Director, NUTRICIA, Danone Group


Case Study Presentation: Reliable and High Performance Logistics and Effective, close Collaboration with Suppliers as a Key Element for Growing

 Martin Ridky
  • How is logistics changing and growing with the whole brand Škoda Auto
  • Logistics support for build to order production
  • Increasing complexity as logistics challenge
  • Close cooperation with T1 suppliers and logistics providers – great opportunity in plant Kvasiny/CZE
  Martin Ridky, Ph.D., Head of Pre Series Logistics, Škoda Auto


Case Study Presentation: Logistics Tendering & Supplier Selection

Jean Dimanche
  • Web-based tools
  • Customer prospective: pricing at the last stage, concept and processes inclusive contract pre-definition first
  • Time consumption on both sides - customer and 3PL
  • Outsourcing the tender process or at least part of it? - How can the key knowledge be defined?
Jean Dimanche, Head of Logistics & Supply Management CEE, Daikin CE 


Case Study Presentation: Cloud-based Solutions in order to Effectively Collaborate with Partners

Felix Garai
  • Business information quadrant
  • Social  network model compiled into collaborative business strategy
  • Pros & Cons of a cloud based system application in manufacturing environment
  • Mahle case study: Transport information cloud solution (for 3PL invoicing)
Felix Garai, Head of Business Excellence, MAHLE


Panel Discussion: Digital Challenges in Logistics

  • 3PL integration:
    • How to eliminate no added value tasks during invoicing & clearing processes?
    • Web solutions, self billing, and credit note system
    • Common KPI reporting vs. outsourcing
  • Future of reporting: Increasing transparency and generating quality reports
  • Comparing costs of current time consumption on invoice control and accuracy
  • Digital Security


Jean Dimanche

Zoran Kovic

Felix Garai

Jean Dimanche

Head of Logistics & Supply Management CEE

Daikin CE

Zoran Kovic

Logistics Director, Dukat

President of the Croatian Supply Chain Association

Felix Garai

Head of Business Excellence



Panel Discussion: Talent Development - How to Overcome the Discrepancy between the Education Output and the Needs of the Industry?

  • Labour market needs should meet the education output to ensure the economical development of the CEE region
  • Young academics – What is currently missing? - Why is the education not following the industry needs & trends?
  • Win-Win-Game- Industry & Universities together- Creating the curriculum based on today’s and tomorrow needs - How to shape the curriculum?
  • Strategy of the Hungarian Government to support the change and the industry request 
  • Demand for specific supply chain expertise is growing faster than talent development - Close cooperation instead of do-it-yourself results in business success
  • ELA Standards of Logistics Competence - ELA - ECBL certification
  • Case studies & best practice examples


Zsuzsanna Kovacs

Stefan Putzlocher

Kamil Slavik

Prof. Dr. habil Péter Földesi

Prof. Dr. László Palkovics

Secretary of State for Higher Education

Ministry of Human Resources Hungary

Zsuzsanna Kovács

Operations Director

Dairy HCS (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,Croatia)


Stefan Putzlocher

Logistics Director

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary

Kamil Slavik

Vice President

Czech Logistics Association (ČLA)

Prof. Dr. Péter Földesi 

Rector & Head of Department of Logistics and Forwarding

Széchenyi István University 

Presentations of the Award Winners of the 2nd CEE Logistics & SCM Excellence Award 2014

TEG The Events Group is proud to announce the call for applications for the 2nd Central Eastern European Logistics and Supply Chain Management Award.
The award has been established to honour, recognise and promote outstanding logistics and supply chain management solutions in the rapidly growing region of Central Eastern Europe, highlighting the region’s most innovative and flexible solutions. Manufacturers, retailers and solution providers from all industry sectors are welcome to apply with their most innovative projects and methods implemented in the region in two categories: manufacturers and retailers firstly, followed by service providers with a customer related project.
Applications should be submitted by 1 October, 2014, and will be assessed by our highly renowned independent jury.

Further information click here



Pre - Event Programme – November 24th

Plant Excursion to the Winner of the 1st CEE Logistics and SCM Excellence Award in 2013


Visitors of TRANSLOG 2014 will have the opportunity to get an inside look at the SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Plant, a member of SAMVARDHANA MOTHERSON GROUP, one day prior to the event, on the 24th of November.

SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Hungary won the 1st CEE logistics and SCM Excellence Award in 2013 for the development of a direct distribution system proving it´s logistics competency in the most competitive environment, manufacturing for the European automotive industry.

Transfer:  The bus is leaving in front of the Corinthia on November 24th at 2:00 pm and will return at approximately at approximately 7:30 pm.


Pre - Event Programme – November 24th

Plant Excursion tothe Unilever Ice-Cream Plant and Warehouse in Veszprém 


The Unilever Ice-Cream Plant in Veszprém is one of the most modern ice-cream factories in CEE and has one of the most modern high-capacity cold warehouses in CEE.

Well-known brands like Carte d'Or, Magnum, Cornetto, Big Milk, Cafe Zero and Eisdessert are produced in Veszprém and distributed to 20 European countries, as well as to Australia and Canada. The factory has 211 employees and manufactures 75 million litres of ice cream per year.

Visitors of TRANSLOG 2014 will have the opportunity to get an inside look at the Unilever Ice-Cream Plant and Warehouse in Veszprém, one day prior to the event, on the 24th of November, limited for 50 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis.

In addition, the participants will have an opportunity to taste a selection of the famous ice-cream brands. 

Transfer:  The bus is leaving in front of the Corinthia on November 24th at 2:00 pm and will return at approximately at approximately 7:00 pm.


Post - Event Programme – November 26th

Plant Excursion tothe Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant in Kecskemét

Mercedes Benz

The congress further provides an opportunity to visit the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant in Kecskemét on November 26th at 5 p.m. limited for 50 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis.

“Take a look behind the scenes and see how our cars are being made in line with our customers’ interests using cutting-edge technologies. During the visit to production halls you can gain personal experience about the birth of CLA and B classes, and the way our colleagues work.” 

Transfer: The bus will leave in front of the CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal on November 26th at 4 p.m. and will return after the plant visit at approximately 8 p.m. 

Gebrüder Weiss

Lead Sponsor


Pallet Sponsor

Forgó, Damjanovic & Partners

Exclusive Legal Partner

Mercedes Benz

Exclusive Plant Excursion Partner


Exclusive Plant Excursion Partner

SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Plant

Exclusive Plant Excursion Partner

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